Sleep Star Ignition Needs Your Help

Sleep Star Ignition is ready to record a new EP. This EP will be a recording of who they are as individuals within a band. They have not set out to save the world, but set out to have fun. This will be a fun album to listen to, no matter your mood. 

They have the opportunity to record this next album with a producer they have been dying to work with for several years (Josh Schroeder), at a studio they can't wait to take over for two weeks in September (Random Awesome).

Want to help? They have broken down why they are asking you for funds:
·Recording time at Random Awesome Recording Studio in Bay City, Michigan with producer Josh Schroeder: $5000
·Pre-production recording time at Moon Ranch Recording Studio in Tipp City, OH with producer Jack Wiley: $500
·CD printing (1000): $1200
·Vinyl printing (200): $1200
·Shirts: $300
·Hoodies: $400
·Combined gasoline cost: $500
·Paypal/Indiegogo fees (estimate): $850 

They are offering some pretty amazing incentives such as downloads, Mario parties and being forever yours (which entails each band member tattooing your name on their body).

Go give your support HERE. Strapped for cash? Share their campaign with all of your friends!