Joshua Scott Jones Has a Story to Tell

As one-half of the successful country duo Steel Magnolia, Joshua Scott Jones is no stranger to hit songs. After winning CMT’s Can You Duet, Josh and his duo partner Meghan Linsey were thrust into the limelight and it wasn’t long before they were a staple in the country community. Often compared to Johnny and June, the pair were on top of their game with a hit record, 4 singles in the Top 30 and a healthy number of nominations for music’s top honors. 

In 2013, the duo began to focus on individual projects and Jones, who wrote the majority of the acts first record, got to work penning new music for his solo record. When he hit the studio, the singer’s story began to tell itself and in no time the record was completed. In a genre where fast trucks and fishing holes are permanent fixtures in country lyrics, Jones delivers something much more personal. On his debut album, The Healing, which dropped on June 3rd, 2014, the singer opens up and tells a story that begs to be heard. 

Josh’s catchy lead single “Honk (If You’re Tonky)” launched worldwide in January and was instantly a fan favorite on radio, including SIRIUS XM’s The Highway. With a full length record, a new music video and a tour coming in the next few months, Josh is looking forward to reconnecting with his country fans in a big way in the new year. Having already been in the spotlight once, there’s no limit to where this country-crooning rocker will go in 2014.

We sat down with this heartthrob to find out what to expect at Buckle Up Music Festival!

Give us some background on Joshua Scott Jones…how did you get into playing music?
I started playing music from a very young age. I picked up the guitar when I was five probably. My dad had a guitar an acoustic guitar, and I learned the melody to Wildwood flower. I was just a sponge for music always humming or singing along to whatever was on the radio or TV.  

How is it to tour solo? What differs from touring with Steel Magnolia?
What differs from Steel Magnolia is I'm free to cruise the stage do as I please. more artistic freedom not as much responsibility to another singing partner , different show all together. Different dog and pony show the material is much different to it doesn't have to play to a male/female format.  

What has been a highlight from the road thus far?
The highlight of the road so far has been the last two shows we played in Virginia and West Virginia. Because I have finally found my feet onstage alone. I feel completely comfortable now as I did in my last act now. it's taking about seven or eight shows and quite a few rehearsals but that's the best feeling in the world it's a feeling of freedom and liberation to be on stage to be comfortable what you are doing.  

What can we expect to witness from your Buckle Up set?
Buckle up fest is a daytime slot you can expect high energy fun take you a  ride type show always.  And hopefully some crowd participation on some level :-)  

What is next for Joshua Scott Jones?
What's next for me? Let's see I'm just going to continue making music every chance I get and see what happens it's all I love to do and know how to do so kind of stuck here :-) 

Catch Joshua Scott Jones at Buckle Up Music Festival on the Bud Light Stage at 2:00!