If you are a fan of Jake Owen’s Barefoot Blue Jean Night or Eli Young Band’s Even If It Breaks Your Heart, then you are already a fan of Eric Paslay’s work – he co-wrote them all.  Growing up in Texas, with plenty on the radio such as the influences of Rich Mullins, Rodney Crowell, and Johnny Cash, Paslay was playing guitar and writing songs at just fifteen.  With music in his blood and a plan of how to break into Nashville’s inner circle, he took his candy apple rag top and located to Nashville, studying music business at Middle Tennessee State University.  After learning the business, he familiarized himself with his audiences and the marketplace through an internship with Cal4 Entertainment, leading him to a publishing deal, definitely his jackpot hot spot. Pasley quickly learned good song and owning its publishing rights are keys to a successful music career.  In his pursuits to being everyone’s Friday night, in 2011,  Pasley released his first single, Never Really Wanted, followed by If the Fish Don’t Bite, and Friday Night and after captivating his fans, he packed them nicely with new hits in his self-titled debut album that was released earlier this year, letting the good times roll.

One thing is certain about Paslay’s lyrics – they are honest, sometimes playful, sometimes heartbreaking, but always accessible and entertaining, complete with catchy choruses and fun. Not wanting to be anyone’s Monday morning, he has been capturing the attention of his audiences for years,painting pictures with the light tempo of If the Fish Don’t Bite with the first line, “Got a bobber floatin' in the water with a minnow dancin' on a hook,” about a guy who has more than fishing on his mind with a pretty lady by his side.  He uses his warm, commanding, but passionate voice in the emotional Deep As It Is Wide, to travel to a heavenly place, giving hope to us all, “The weak are strong, hungry are all fed.”  Most of all, Paslay connects to his audience, taking away all of the negativity of everyday life, especially from the busy work week, focusing on the positive in the world, giving you confidence, hope, and relaxation to start the weekend, especially on Friday nights.  Check out Friday Night  ‘neath the blue sky this Friday night on the Main Stage!