Cults Set to Play Bunbury This Saturday

New York’s Cults hit the floor running after the release of their self-titled debut.

Since then, the band’s central brain trust - Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin - have experienced their fair share. They’ve traveled the world (performing over 300 shows in support of their debut album alone), endured a break-up (from each other in spring of 2012), and released their second full-length (last October’s Static).

Their aforementioned second album was more than a year in the making. It was produced with some help from Ben Allen, whose name also appears in the liner notes of recent releases from Animal Collective, Washed Out and Cut Copy to name a few. The album shows off a more determined, cohesive sound than their debut, which at times seemed more like an accumulation of hazy, nostalgia-laced pop songs than a true album. Static does for Cults what a solid follow-up album should. It finds a way to expand upon their sound, while still allowing them to stick to their roots.

Cults is playing the main stage this Saturday at Bunbury Music Festival. And whether you’re a fan of their more saccharine debut or caught on after their sophomore release doesn’t really matter. Either way, you won’t walk away disappointed.