Bronze Radio Return Makes You Want to Dance

There is nothing better than a band that makes you smile first note in. Bronze Radio Return is just that band. 

The band has been picked up for numerous TV spots and ads. “Shake! Shake! Shake!” produced over 50 syncs in the past year-and-a-half when all was tolled. Highlights include a worldwide Nissan Leaf commercial and a national Behr Paint/Home Depot ad. In addition, HBO, ESPN, NBC, MTV, the CW, American Idol, ABC Family, USA, and more licensed their music for shows, promos and bumpers. Instead of waiting for the syncs to break them out, Bronze Radio Return threw themselves into a rigorous touring schedule.

The song, “Further On” was featured in the movie trailer for 'St. Vincent' starring Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy.

This band is going to be a highlight of Bunbury Music Festival. We caught up with Chris Henderson of Bronze Radio Return prior to the festival! 

CM: Give us some background on Bronze Radio Return…
BRR: Bronze Radio Return is a Connecticut based band formed in 2008. Most of us went to the Hartt School, a music conservatory in Hartford, CT. Through friends of friends I was introduced to Packy who did not go to the Hartt School, and we started by playing at these blues jams on Long Island. From the blues sessions came discussions of starting an original Americana influenced rock band. I had finished school at this point, but had met some amazing musicians while being at Hartt- most of which I hadn't had the opportunity to play with in this kind of setting. Honestly, from there it was kind of a blur how we all came together to play. It happened fast. One common thread we all had when starting this band is that we wanted to earn a living playing in a touring band. We wanted to take what we had learned from a often competitive music school environment and apply it to a real life music world.   

CM: Tell us about some memorable experiences on the road….
BRR: There are many great memories from our travels together as a band. For me, I hadn't seen nearly as much of the country before being apart of this band. My fondest traveling memories are driving through the mountains of Colorado, walking the coast in Northern California, swimming in the waters of Tortola and eating authentic tex mex. I feel very fortunate to have a job/passion that allows us to see so many wonderful parts of the country.  


CM: When you started the band…what did you envision? Have you met, exceeded or not yet been to that level?
BRR: We we started this band we envisioned not having a day job and JUST playing music for a living. In that respect, we have reached that goal and certainly feel some level of accomplishment. Along the way we have been constantly setting new goals we hope to reach. Last year we really wanted to be apart of some of these amazing music festivals, many of which I've never been to, but always wanted to see. We set a goal of being apart of them this summer and I feel like we achieved that. We have so much more we want to achieve and so much more learning ahead of us! 

CM: Tell us about the song writing process within the band..
BRR: The songs often start with me hashing out a rough idea in a cell phone or garage band. I generally have a lyrical idea in mind, but always do lyrics last. Most songs start with a melody and then I spend time working out a structure for the melody to live in. Once I have a rough idea of where the song is heading, as a group we all find ways to make it better. Sometimes we need to take away sections, add sections, change chords, change keys, etc and thats where it really becomes a song. It helps to have a starting point in the studio and from there it becomes a team sport to fully realize the potential of the song.  

CM: Do you have advice for local bands in Cincinnati as far as getting out of their comfort zone?
BRR: The comfort zone can be a scary place after a while. My advice would be come up with a plan and work as a team. The ball gets pushed further when there are more hands pushing it. Think long term. Save your money from shows. Ask for honest opinions. Record your performances and listen to them. Don't tour to just burn gas- tour when it makes sense. Focus your energy on connecting with people that listen to your music.  

Catch Bronze Radio Return at Bunbury Music Festival Saturday July 12th on the Warsteiner Stage at 3:30p!