Get to Know Download Artist of the Week: The Peaks

Go Download “Final Friend” for free, HERE

How did you decide on a band name?
The name "The Peaks" is in reference to how loud we play and during our recording process. All of the levels were "peaking" which creates a terrible digital sound distortion. We have since learned a few things about home recording as you heard on our new song, “Final Friend”. Our drummer John Casey still swears that the band name is in reference to his very distinctive widow's peak. Its still up for debate... 

What inspired the song, “Final Friend”?
The song Final Friend is in reference to being put in a desperate situation and realizing what is truly important i.e. your "final friend". It's a song though so its always open to however the listener interprets it.

What is next for The Peaks?
Our band just played a really good gig at Mainstay Rock bar last Friday and did some video recording. We are planning on using this footage to help promote our upcoming debut full length album that we hope to have completed and ready to release before Labor Day.  Keep your eyes peeled for a show or two before the CD release show but recording will be our main focus for the next two months.