Get to Know Download Artist of the Week: See You in the Funnies

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Give us some backstory on See You in the Funnies…
Jimmy Clepper (vocals) and Thomas Lawrence (guitar) are childhood friends. They began making music together at a young age in their parents basements and recording on home studios. Jason Hubbard(drummer) saw them jamming at an open mic night in there home town of Batavia Ohio which is about 30 miles east of Cincinnati and asked if he could sit in and jam. The three clicked automatically. After going through a few bass players Jason decided to bring in his old friend Jimmy Miller on bass and the line up was complete.

What inspired the song “Oh No”?
The song "Oh No" was written from the perspective of a person on the outside looking in and seeing a couple going through the struggles of young love. 

What is next for See You in the Funnies?
We just finished our first full length self titled album. We are releasing it on June 7th with a show at the Madison Theater in Covington Kentucky. We have several other local shows lined up for the summer but we are also looking for more gigs out of town to able to try and grow our fans base. The past 2 years have been fantastic for us as we contiue to grow and get more support from friends,fans and everyone involved in the Cincinnati music scene.



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