THE VAINS: Review of Its Good to be Back

Its always nice to have an album open up with a dazzling array of sounds. The season of sunshine is here and its nice to have a partner to share it with. These tones could be fit for a forest or an urban kingdom of some sort. 

The Vains have delivered a rather well-crafted full length album of clean rock gems. It sounds like the bitterness of the suburban reality may have crept in on a few tracks. The song "House of Cards" wryly turns the listener on themselves with the contrast of chorusing guitars, and honest vocals that are unfiltered and genuine.

One favorite song that pushes against many of the familiar images of daily life in our country is "American Darling". The strong guitar playing and excellent vocals and backup vocals combine to make this one sonically pleasing. To listen to The Vains is a good way to feel like you have a team on your side. Thats not a bad experience to share on cd or mp3 (or vinyl for me).  

This record makes one want to find out more about these guys and listen to more of what they have put together. I am sure the live performance will have its own unique edges as well. Overall an amazing listen.

The album overflows with drums that Cheap Trick could love, and enough crunchy melodic guitars reminiscent of R.E.M and LIVE to keep most listeners happy. The chants of "no rest for the weary..." on the song "All Washed Up"  seem to encapsulate the band's yearning for more. "Its Good to be Back" for The Vains, and you can tell they want to be around for many more albums to share their passion.

Remember to look them up and have a listen for yourself.  It feels very good to listen to, and explore music being made right around the corner from you. Enjoy!

Download the album HERE on iTunes.