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Once a month, at a popular Northside venue, Mayday, a group of Cincinnati DJs and music lovers gather for an eclectic journey that crosses Hip Hop, House, Rock-N-Roll, and more to keep the party moving and grooving all night. For three years, the SELECTAS CHOICE DJ collective has been bringing together crowds of dancing music fans for a monthly free house party-style event bearing the same name. If you've ever wondered what Glen Campbell's "Rhinestone Cowboy", Donna Summers' "Hot Stuff", and Erick Sermon's "Just Like Music" sound like blended together with funky perfection, then keep reading to find out when you can catch their next set.

SELECTAS CHOICE is a combination of both an event and an organization. The original idea was bringing people together under one groove with the possibility of like minds working together toward one goal, and the love of Hip-Hop and music in general. 

Give us a little history on how and when SC began.
The original concept behind SELECTAS CHOICE was to create a space for anyone that loved the art of DJing, loved across genres and decades of music, loved to dance and didn’t mind sweating it all out on the dace floor.  In January of 2011, DJ Pillo had a vision of bringing his friends and local DJs together under one roof to play the music they loved for the people who loved it.  The event possessed a large house party-like feel where everyone was invited. No race, sex, or age (21-up) boundaries; just great music by a humble array of DJ’s. As the event grew, SC went through its changes of venues as well as DJ’s until settling on the steady line-up of DJ PIllo, DJ Apryl Reign & DJ Mista Rare Groove. This line up, along with recent inductee, DJ Sly Luv, has been rocking the SC 1’s & 2’s ever since.

Who are some of the local artists you've featured at your past events?
Blueprint (Columbus, OH), Mr. Dibbs (Cincinnati, OH), Madd Dukes (Buffalo, NY), Illogic (Columbus, OH), Animal Crackers (Cincinnati, OH), DJ John Doe (Cincinnati, OH), Mahogany Reign (Cincinnati, OH) 

What's in store for the future of SELECTAS CHOICE?
We’re looking to bring bigger and better acts to our event, as well as grow our event outside of its existing frame. Our movement is an everyday people movement that focuses on bettering the lives we live through the music we play for our fans. 

We've heard that your May 31st show will feature J-Rawls. Can you tell us more?
J. Rawls will be stopping by for a special meet & greet for his latest CD release, "The Legacy" and a question & answer session just before show time, around 9pm. He will also be performing tracks from previous album releases later that evening on the SELECTAS CHOICE stage; the show starts at 10pm. 

The summer is already heating up for SELECTAS CHOICE; what do you have planned for the upcoming months?
Next month, on June 28th, we’re working on putting together our second annual open tables event. This event allows some local DJs the chance to rock the 1’s & 2’s on the  SELECTAS CHOICE stage. This year we’re looking to change it up by inviting a few DJ All Stars to show off their skills. 

We can also be found DJing every Friday Evening throughout the summer 7-10pm at Washington Park (Cincinnati, OH) for the Friday Flow event.  We’re in our 3rd year doing this event and it’s a favorite for our crew.  It encompasses everything that we’re about: music, community & fun.

How can we keep in touch with the movement and the members of SELECTAS CHOICE?





    Phone… (513) 374.8654