Get to Know Download Artist of the Week: Colors in Mind

Download "A Phoenix Down" by Colors in Mind for free HERE!


What inspired the song, “A Phoenix Down”?
We formed Colors in Mind at the beginning of last year in response to our last project, The Orpheus Endeavor. It unexpectedly fell apart and really left us three remaining members very lost in terms of whether or not we were going to continue writing music together at all. At our most vulnerable moment though,after attempting and failing multiple times to write something we enjoyed, we began to write something new and exciting. It took a few months to slowly piece it all together but eventually it happened and "A Phoenix Down" was finally completed. 

The title is actually a reference to a popular item from the Final Fantasy video game series. In the game, the item revives your party from death and that's exactly what this piece was to us. Writing this song sparked our creativity and inspiration again after we thought our flame was out and we all knew that it was the beginning of something new and completely different than what we were writing before. 

Give us some backstory on Colors in Mind…
We're three close friends who previously played music together in the past. After not playing for a couple years, we started to jam together for fun at first and then tragedy struck and really inspired us to begin to take our music a little more seriously. That's when we formed The Orpheus Endeavor and that lasted until the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. After we got back together and wrote "A Phoenix Down", more and more songs started to form till eventually, we had four complete original songs.

At that point, we decided that it was time to name the project and after much deliberation, we had no idea what to name ourselves. It wasn't until a certain episode of a television show that the name, Colors In Mind, came in to being. With so many different interpretations to that name, it was decided that it was perfect for how we wanted to represent ourselves in terms of musical expression. One of the best things about art and expression is the self interpretation aspect of it and that's what we always want to try to emphasize in everything we do.

We will never exactly define what a particular song is about because we feel that it takes away the self interpretation and that makes it less intimate to the listeners. But in all honesty, we really just wanted to express ourselves and hoped that it would inspire others in this music scene to not try to fit into a niche but instead to just be true to themselves and to really not limit the creative and expressive process. To inspire others to just be themselves and to show everyone that it is possible to write music you love and then take on the world with it. 

What is next for Colors in Mind?
In terms of what's next for us, we've got a show at Coda, the new venue in Covington, June 6th with Ocean Grid and a lot of other local acts. We're also attempting to get onto the Midpoint Music Festival and just trying to play every good venue around to really try to build a buzz here locally first. We've just released our first EP, Solipsism, and have decided to release it for free on our bandcamp website at We really just want everyone to get a chance to listen and to interpret what all of our music means to them and to continue to take everything as far as we can!

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