Get to Know Download Band of the Week: Sweet Ray Laurel

Download "Advice" by Sweet Ray Laurel HERE for free! 

Give us some backstory on Sweet Ray Laurel…
Sweet Ray Laurel released their debut self titled album in 2011, and toured throughout the Mid-West and North-East U.S. to promote the album. SRL found success through college and internet radio, helping the band to boost their fan base and gain spots on music festivals across the country.  In 2013, Sweet Ray Laurel continued to gain momentum through appearances on Vans Warped Tour and Utica Music Festival (NY), the release of a new EP Tabula Rasa, and a video for their track “So High” shot by Sam Link of Collapse Studios in Florida. 

What was the inspiration behind, “Advice”?
Advice was lyrically inspired by the growing heroin problem in Northern Kentucky.  As with many of the songs Sweet Ray Laurel has released, the band selects a topic they feel strongly about, and attempts to showcase it in their music.  Advice illustrates the struggles with addiction in the chorus line "You knew these walls would cave in, take your own advice", and packages the topic in a fast paced post-punk track that features multiple time changes and progression, which is SRL's signature.  Musically, Sweet Ray Laurel's "Advice" was inspired by The Temptations song "Ball of Confusion", and Latin rhythms.

What is next for Sweet Ray Laurel?
Sweet Ray Laurel is currently working on their next album, and plans to continue playing throughout the Mid-West and North-East in 2014. Keep an eye out for SRL in the Cincinnati area, the band will typically play at least one show a month here at home. For updates follow along on social media, and