Get to Know Download Band of the Week: State Song

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Give us some background on State Song…
On the band's debut full-length, Dear Hearts & Gentle People (Phratry 2010), State Song established itself as a pummeling, poetic rock-band working the three-piece dynamic to the fullest - utilizing the keyboard and sampler as accents and alleviating the need for a full-blown rock configuration on stage. State Song garnered comparisons to much of the 1990s Indie/Alt-Rock scene as well as 1970s Album-Oriented Rock. The band was often described as Sunny Day Real Estate and the early work of Radiohead, meets Ziggy Stardust. State Song thrived on luring listeners with its emotive, spacey melodies only to bludgeon them later with stacks of raw power.

On State Song's newest full-length, Sleepcrawling their trademark, melodic sound, along with singer/guitarist/keyboardist Scot Torres' raw vocal-poetics, has evolved into ravaging musical peaks at once both ethereal and devastating. This latest effort delivers the same, all-enveloping tidal wave of sound established on "Dear Hearts", but this time around it's a wiser, more introspective affair - dreamier and more articulate - as the piano playing takes on a more central role and Scot's lyrics tackle themes of loss, the struggle between heart and mind, aging, drinking, nostalgia, unrequited loyalty and urban isolation.

Sleepcrawling is the 2nd full-length for State Song in 4 years, and the 44th release for Phratry Records since 2004. State Song continues to write and record in Cincinnati, playing shows locally and throughout the MidWest.

State Song will be celebrating the release of their new record with a release show in the band's hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio at the Northside Tavern on Saturday April 26th.Prior to the release show, the band will be hosting a listening party at The Listing Loon on Tuesday, April 22nd, Cincinnati, OH

Scot Torres: guitar, piano, voice

Steve Wethington: bass, synthesizer, samples, producer

Chris Pennington: percussion

Established: 2009

Phratry records 2009- present

What was the inspiration behind “Be Aggressive”?
Be aggressive is about recollection, reminiscing, oxidizing, an an uninformed collegiate autumn. 

What is next for State Song?
Regional shows to promote the new record, side projects, one of us made a small human child, the beach, tacos and to keep work up on album #3.