The Pinstripes Epic 10th Anniversary

Friday, at The Southgate House Revival, The Pinstripes have a party of epic proportions planned. Not only will this be the 10th anniversary of the band but also a goodbye for now. 

Per a statement from the band:

Friends, it is with a cornucopia of emotions that we'd like to announce The Pinstripes 10th Anniversary show at the Southgate House Revival on Friday, March 28th. The show will be a celebration of all the love and joy we've shared together over the years and also a reminder of the fantastic community we are a part of. 

The show will not be without a touch of melancholy as well, as it denotes one of the last shows you'll see us at for a little while as we enter into a new phase of existence. With our beloved brother Chris living in Chicago, and the imminent departure of Matt (who has accepted a position with Square in NYC!), along with "life changes" and whatnot, performing live has invariably gotten more complicated. 

However, we still have several unreleased tracks new and old that we'd love to get into your hands and one never really knows when we might show up at a bar/club/festival/basement/party near you. It will probably just be a little more rare these days.

So from the depths of our beings, we'd like to offer a sincere thank you to ALL of the support we've received throughout this amazing journey. We hope you can all come join in and celebrate 10 years with us at the Southgate House. See you soon


We sat down with Michael Sarason to gain some more insight: 

Any side projects in the works?
Yes, definitely other projects and more music being made. Several of us have been playing in a more instrumental reggae/rocksteady project called the Ranglinaires, with members of the Cliftones and WHY? I've also been working on solo material and have my first ever solo show at the Comet on April 1st. And you'll almost definitely see several of us appearing with different bands around the city, whether that's the Guitars, the Cliftones, Son Del Caribe or others. We'll stay busy with music, it's what we love to do. 

What will you miss most about not playing out together as often?
There's a certain rhythm you get into on tour. The whole band gets into a rhythm, and I don't even mean just on the stage, I mean the whole lifestyle in general. Being in the van together, the kinds of conversations we'd have, all of that stuff. That's all part of the rhythm. Then of course there is the way the bands really gets rock solid from going out on a longer tour. That's all part of it too. That'll probably be one of the things I miss most.

What have been some of your best experiences as a band?
I'm fortunate to say that there are almost too many to list. We've been a band for a long time and we've done things that I don't think any of us really ever expected to do. We've gotten to tour with some of our favorite and most inspirational bands, meet some of our heros, see parts of the country we never thought we would, and all while playing music we love. How can you not feel grateful for that? 

For me personally, some of my favorite experiences have been touring cross country to the West Coast and seeing so much of this country firsthand. That's something I wouldn't trade for anything. Secondly, some of my favorite moments have been when people tell you how much your music has meant to them. With the internet, you really never know where your music will spread. We played in Salt Lake City, Utah, for the first time last year and there were kids there that knew all of the words to our songs and had been waiting to see us for years! Those kinds of things are truly incredible.

The Pinstripes
The Southgate House Revival
Friday March 28th