Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde Mixes it up at tSGHR

Johnette's solo show is a blend of her endeavor to gather from her body of art, songs, for an acoustic record, and in the process, revisiting 30 years of them from CDs, films, unreleased songs and new songs. Weave that together with the navigation through her most personal thoughts regarding this music, her art and her life, chronicled in her book: Rough Mix. 

This Thursday will be a rare treat with Johnette Napolitano. We sat down with the icon prior to the show.

What made this a good time for an acoustic album?
It feels right on a lot of levels. I started playing guitar sitting on my bed when I was 9. Something has come full circle but I can't really put my finger on it.

How did you possibly pick the songs to cover out of the body of work you have?
It's really, really hard. It's impossible to try to please absolutely everyone but no one leaves a show unsatisfied as far as I know. I have a couple new ones that stand right up alongside everything else, and I feel a sense of balance. I'm no nostalgia act.


What can one expect to witness for this rare solo show?
It's been really fun. I'm reading from my book (Rough Mix) and it's funny and people love hearing the stories behind the songs. My life has been - and is - a real trip. They should just carve the comedy/tragedy masks into my tombstone.

Future plans? What is next for Johnette Napolitano?
Get home safely to my family - my horse, goat and dogs, and I went to school for my tattoo license so I have a couple of clients I'm working on, going to finish them up. I love my little ranch. Work on another book and finish a record. But I'm not as manic as I was when I was younger, my Dad, before he passed, was really trying to get me to slow my roll...I'm his daughter all the way, my Dad worked and played hard. I appreciate every day for its own sake more than I ever have. 

Johnette Napolitano
The Southgate House Revival
Thursday March 27th
Doors 7:30 p / 8:30 Show