Get to Know Download Artist of the Week: Moonbeau

Download "You Said" by Moonbeau for free HERE! 

Give us some background on Moonbeau…
I started "Moonbeau" as a folk project back in the 8th grade. Though it has always been there as a side-project, I have changed the sound of it many times. As my love for 80's pop music grew throughout high school, it started to come through in the music I was creating eventually ending with me making Electronic/Dream/Pop songs. 

What was the inspiration behind the song, "You Said"?
This song is inspired by having a lover leave you. Very cliche I know, but it is something that almost all of us go through at one time or another. 

What is next for Moonbeau? Tours, releases, shows…
Hopefully more shows will be coming soon and releases as well. Keep an eye out on for new singles, EP's as well as show dates. 

Any words of wisdom for your fellow local bands?
Just keep doing what you love! Make something that brings a smile to your face!