The Orwells (with Arctic Monkeys) PREVIEW: Mon. Feb 10th

Its clear we all need to get there early for the Arctic Monkeys Show at Madison Theater this coming Monday February 10th. There is a very compelling sound and energy coming alongside The Orwells as they come to open up the show.

Something is famously rotten about The Orwells (they come from Elmhurst, Illinois) and it makes them all the more exciting. It’s true that they might be one of these bands you wanted to catch now, and not say you missed it later. The stage will be alive that night and both bands like to perform.

A great deal of evidence exists online regarding the musical capabilities of these Orwells.
Come fall in love with the freaky guitar tones and earthy energetic vocals on "The Righteous One" (love the end of the song). On "Dirty Sheets" they mix their dirty rock and roll, with yearning vocals, and enticing lyrics. The Orwells demand attention with their pleasurable tones. "Who Needs You" is a celebration of raw life.  Watching them on Letterman in Mid- January of this year you could see how much vitality these guys have (they absolutely killed it LIVE) They have a way of taking over any room.  From their culture mixing outfits, to their timeless use of live performance to engage their audience, The Orwells have ways to move you, whether you need them or not. I think one might want to party with these guys too, but that is just a guess. They certainly are having a very good time performing live and it should be a thrill to watch.

This is one of these "opening acts" you don't want to miss.  Get Ready! We will be there to check them out (oh, and Arctic Monkeys as well)!

This show is SOLD OUT but you know that has a few up their sleeves...Enter to win tics HERE!