Welcome To The Treehouse Y.N.O (Yung N Official)

What began as a school and neighborhood circle of friends, soon evolved into a collective of hip hop artists, promoters, producers, videographers, designers, and much more, known as Y.N.O. All Cincinnati natives, the core group of 7 members are coming up and creating a buzz not only in the indie hip hop realm, but in the party promotion world as well. From traveling and headlining regional festivals to throwing parties at their "Treehouse" lofts, these guys are no stranger to hard work and what they call "positive, yet conscious fun." Fresh from the release of their newest project Welcome To The Treehouse 2.0, we had a chance to chat with the some of the YNO members.

How did you all come up with the names YNO and Treehouse? What does the acronym YNO mean?
YNO stands for "Yung 'N' Official", which is the name of the music group. "Treehouse" started as a term for the house that we lived in, where we would all come together to hang out and work on our music. It slowly turned into a brand that's known best for it's parties. There are members of the Treehouse that are not in the music group, but non-the-less, we are all one unit.

Who are all the official members of the group?
Phonzii Boi
T-Wiz (Tim Wayne)
Fred Benz
JayBee Lhamaj
Matt G. 

What makes YNO x Treehouse stand out from other hip hop groups?
A higher conscience, members with different styles from different walks of life coming together to form a unique hip-hop sound. 

In addition to music you all are well known in the event promotions circuit. How has that affected your music?
Its given us a more clearer vision of two different worlds; throwing parties and going to parties/shows. Being behind the scenes makes you appreciate when your just attending a party or show. It adds more life stories that can then be translated into lyrics. 

In less than 3 weeks your new single and video "Paid The Cost" shattered one thousand views. Tell us about it and how it was to making the video.
It feels AMAZING to have hit over one thousand views, but we're hoping for way more. The making of the video was a blast! It wasn't easy though, with a lot of takes, it took us about 2 weeks to shoot the video. Doing the same scene a few times, getting everyone together, Its funny how much work goes into a 4 minute video, but overall it was fun. 

What's next for you all project-wise?
Our most recent mixtape, "Welcome to the Treehouse 2.0" is out now on HotNewHipHop.com. We're currently working on 2 more group mixtapes, Past Industry Standards 2 and Welcome to the Treehouse 3.0, along with solo projects and many more videos to come. 

Where can we catch you performing in town again?
Scream Acres Ct (4399 Boron Drive, Covington, Ky 41015)
February 1st @10 p.m. Also performing: DJ Mowgli, Buggs Tha Rocka, Valley High and Christian Knoffer. Tickets at www.screamacreslive.com 

How do we find more YNO music and info?
Twitter-@YNO513 @TheTreeHouse513