Jefferson Bennett's Debut Album is Amazing

Shelf that old record you’ve been listening to for years. You’re going to want some time with Jefferson Bennett’s debut full-length. Not just because its so new, there is nothing new on this bold and broken planet, but because it’s fresh. It’s fresh with things you’ve maybe known at one time, but have long forgotten. It’s fresh with sounds that are familiar enough and yet are being delivered by new sound sailors. It is everything a debut should be; largely bold and slightly familiar.

Drawing from car trips with his dad in the 90s and walks down Abbey Road where he and his wife used to live, Jefferson has blended what he knows with what we hopes to know one day. What is clear and what is mysterious are both going to surface as the electric guitars and cellos do in the opening track, Noah’s Sons, and the harpsichord does in The Dragon. As dramatic as that might sound you might be comforted by the bare acoustic track, Cincinnati, where Jefferson gives a raw and honest window into the recent move from London, England to Cincinnati, Ohio. Definitely still searching to find his own voice, Jefferson does not afford himself the A, B, C’s of a safe album, rather you can hear the fight and feel the sweat to produce something great.

The album is set to release January 25th at The Underground! “Being new to Cincinnati really heightens my hopes for the impact this album might have locally. We are lining up the shows north and south, but to my wife and I Cincinnati is new and exciting territory. If every person in the greater Cincinnati area purchases this record we should be all set to begin work on the next.” With the help of seasoned artist and producer, Ashley Peacock, and mastering engineer, Bob Boyd, the album is complete, and well on it’s way into your home and your journey.

Check out a free sampler of the record HERE!

Jefferson Bennett
The Underground
Saturday January 25th
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$10 day of show