Get to Know Download Artist of the Week: The Upset Victory!

Download "In Our Hands" by The Upset Victory HERE!

What is the inspiration behind the song, “In Our Hands”?
"In Our Hands" is the final track off of our most recent release, the 'Wall Street' EP. This song came very easily to us. It was an idea that was written only a week prior to us leaving for Orlando, where the album was recorded. The main riff of the song was written by Frank, the other guitarist, who brought it to our rehearsal space, where we started to jam off it. The versus have a very groovy vibe to them, compliments of our bassist, who provided a simple yet unique syncopated bass line allowing our singer, Jason, to really shine vocally. The song really came to us in our final days of writing before leaving for Orlando. 

Tell us something about The Upset Victory that you have never told anyone before...
We write all of our song ideas using only one acoustic guitar and my cell phone as a recording device. We've found ourselves having ideas outside of our writing sessions and rushing to quiet areas to be able to make a crude recording of a melody or riff. 

What are you most looking forward to in 2014?
We are extremely honored to be nominated along with other talented bands in the rock category for the CEA awards occurring in January. Along with attending the award show, we were thrilled when asked to play the show with artists in a variety of categories. 

What is next for The Upset Victory?
Next, we are focusing on recording the follow up to 'Wall Street.' We are looking forward to experimenting with different soundscapes and instrumentation- crossing into boundaries that we previously haven't explored in the recording process. We want to put out something different then anything we have done before, while still keeping our uniqueness as a band.