Get to Know Download Artist of the Week: A Continuous Now

Download "We Came Here For Love" by A Continuous Now for free HERE!

What inspired the song, "We Came Here for Love"?
"We Came Here for Love" was written as a result from a bad experience the band had with the music business. This was wasn't our first time in dealing with the music business and we needed to reboot and get back to our roots/love of music. It was a point of exhaustion and epiphany all at once. Thus, we carried that sentiment into "We Came Here for Love", nothing second guessed or forced...just our full on passion and creativity. Hoping that our love of music will resound in the song and in turn to others. 

Give us some background on A Continuous Now…
Chris Sarvak and Tennis Mounts met because they played around the Cincinnati scene in different bands. Tennis was in a band called Gerald's Rainbow and Chris was in a band called patientZero. On one of many nights of playing on the same bill, at a club formerly known as Top Cat's, they finally got some time to talk more in depth and planned to meet up to write. Chris joined "A Continuous Now" with Tennis and they have been in the same outfit for 4 years now. As for Corey Nowlin, Chris and he had been friends for a while, occasionally getting together to jam. Chris invited Corey to try out for the drummer position a couple years ago and he seamlessly fit. 

What is next for A Continuous Now?
ACN is currently working on their second album and hoping to release it late spring.  We also have a couple shows coming up in Feb: 15th at Rockies and the 27th at the Big Rock Club. We are also slated to play the Red Gorilla music fest in Austin during SXSW in March (venue and date tbd).  ACN is currently looking to put together a benefit show for Tennis' 10 year old daughter,  Daya. She has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia. Please look out for the date and we'll let everyone know. Until then, please like her page on Facebook: .