Welcome to a New Cincinnati Local Band, Injecting Strangers!

This Saturday at Mainstay Rock Bar come on out and welcome a new addition to the Cincinnati Music family!  This will be second local show for the band this Saturday at Mainstay. Injecting Strangers is comprised of Peter Foley- guitars, back-up vocals, Aaron Disney- guitars, synth, back-up vocals, Richard Ringer- lead vocals, lyrics, Dylan Oseas- bass, back-up vocals and Chase Leonard- drums.

Injecting Strangers is a theatrical Indie Rock-Opera style band from Cincinnati. They blend funk inspired bass lines with a mixture of Rock and Surf guitar, and feature lyrics with themes that range from old horror movies to lost life stories.

They currently released their debut 3 track EP entitled: Nightmare Nancy, which features tracks “Nightmare Nancy pt. one and two”, as well as the single “Lucky”.

Injecting Strangers was formed when Dylan Oseas (former bassist of “Automagik”) and Peter Foley- two bombastic rockers with a knack for strong hook driven songs, joined up with Richard Ringer, a primarily eclectic Antifolk Singer-Songwriter. The rock direction was foreign to Ringer, as was his lyrical writing style to Oseas and Foley. Along the way Avant-garde musicians Aaron Disney and drummer Chase Leonard joined the band, bringing the big sound from early demo recordings to life for live performances, as well as adding two new sets of ears with opinions of their own. Altogether they challenged each other, and what came about was a unique sound born out of conflicting viewpoints on what music should be.

Injecting Strangers
w/ Dr. Manhattan
Mainstay Rock Bar
Saturday December 14th