Iron Wing Live Presents The Carolines!

Iron Wing Live has done it again! Check out their latest video with the fabulous The Carolines! 

How did you get involved with Iron Wing Studios?
We have been friends with Brandon Weaver and the wonderful folks at Iron Wing Studios since they mixed an album for Joe Plante, Amy Plante's husband, back in 2011. 

Give us some background info on The Carolines…
The Carolines are a banjo based sister duo with members Andrea Bustin and Amy Plante.

You may get a little bit of that Eastern European/Appalachian feel that is so common with so many of today's bands. No, we are Kentucky girls that moved to Cincinnati at ages 4 and 5 and call Greenhills near Winton Woods, home. At ages 10 and 11 our parents moved our family to the snowy Belarussian city of Minsk, where we spent most of our formative years, but coming back and forth from Cincinnati for furloughs. In Minsk, Andrea studied classical guitar, where she continued her studies at UC Conservatory and was a classical guitar major. Andrea is a bluegrass fan, and few years back she picked up a banjo, now she can hardly put it down. I (Amy writing) studied classical voice in school, and then English in

College. The writing has been coming together very naturally, often putting new poems to early 20th century banjo tunes. We haven't lived near each other in a long time, but when Andrea moved back to Cincinnati last summer, we started putting The Carolines together. We have been performing together since we were tiny girls, so it is amazing to reunite. Our name, The Carolines, is taken from one of our

family's favorite movies, Enchanted April, where Lady Caroline Dester and her budding romance are referred to as "The Carolines."

Tell us about the video shoot; was it awkward to have to "perform" for cameras?
I think we got so lost in the music that it was hard to notice the cameras. It didn't feel awkward at all,

I think that Micah Simms, who did the videography, made it so relaxed for us that we didn't have to worry about it, it all fit together like all the Christmas magic that seems to be going around lately, no snow, but still, very magical. 

What is next for The Carolines?
A couple of leads in Kentucky, and our parents are looking to start a coffee shop/venue called "The Village Troubadour" this spring in Greenhills (Cincinnati, Ohio). Maybe if we twist his arm our dad will let us play. Unlikely, Actually, Andrea is going to be organizing a lot of the music side, so we will book us, we like us. Yeah, so we have nothing. However, if you like our Facebook Page we will let you know of shows upcoming. I did hear a rumor that there will be another Carolines video released on Christmas Eve on their Facebook page, but you will have like the page to find out. Andrea Bustin, Amy Plante, and dear Chicago friend and artist Rachel Wathen recorded 3 Christmas songs for 90.9 WDCB of Chicago for their Holiday Hoot which will air on Christmas Eve. Links and times will be on The Carolines Facebook Page.