Dan Miraldi Plays Mayday!

Sonic alchemist Dan Miraldi is releasing his new 6-song EP Devil At Our Heels as his 6th album on the 6th of… only kidding… it was released on September 10. During an acclaimed appearance at Roverfest in July, nearly 10,000 people were entertained by Miraldi and his band’s powerful performance which conjured the souls of rock, Americana, and power pop, past and present. Building on the success of last year’s full-length album Sugar & Adrenaline, Miraldi’s Devil At Our Heels augments his ability to create original songs resonant of the best of multiple rock genres, while pioneering entirely new music. 

Miraldi says, “I wanted to embrace the last record, but also continue growing. The signature pop and rock and roll elements are still in place, but I’ve learned some new tricks along the way.”

Recorded in Nashville with Grammy nominee Chris Grainger (Wilco, Sixpence None The Richer, Switchfoot, Five Knives) at Undertow & Loud Studios, Miraldi and his band covered extensive musical ground during a short yet magical 5 day break in their concert schedule. With Grainger at the studio’s helm, Miraldi firing the engine, and Sarah Luffred (drums), Alex Bowers (guitar), and Joe LaGuardia (bass) on deck, Devil At Our Heels sailed seamlessly to life.

“In Nashville, I felt like we moved quickly and efficiently. We didn’t feel rushed. Everyone knew just what to do.”

Combining elements of his previous albums, the tender Thirsty, sassy Tease, exuberant Rock N Roll Band, tantalizing Sugar & Adrenaline, and acoustic The Freewheelin’ Dan Miraldi EP, he maintains his strong identity in Devil at Our Heels, while fearlessly exploring new realms.

Through his hallmark narrative approach to songwriting, listeners will experience the past, present, and future simultaneously in “Untame,” feel the optimism of new love in “Asking Her To Stay,” and white-knuckle the roller coaster of their hearts in “LOVEBOMB!” They’ll careen on psychedelic keyboard adventures, thanks to guest artist John Deaderick, slink through big Beatley harmonies and haunting melodies, and dive into heavy and cathartic breakdowns in “Girl, You Made Your Mark.” In the title track, “Devil At Our Heels,” they will become accomplices running though shades of gray with a fugitive who may be innocent, but guilty nonetheless. Completely apropos. After all, nothing about Dan Miraldi or his music is black and white. 


"Dan isn't afraid of writing songs with hit potential. In fact, this album spins like a "best of" collection even though none of these songs are hits...yet.” -BabySue.com on Sugar & Adrenaline

Dan Miraldi
Friday December 13th
10p Show