Sleepy Sun Cruise to Bogart’s Saturday

Sleepy Sun hailing from San Francisco are on tour with City and Colour and are stopping by this weekend! The result of six years, three LPs, and countless tours worth of exploration and growth, Sleepy Sun's new 7" represents an evolved version of the band: one that has torn down walls and built up confidence. It acts as a teaser to their upcoming fourth LP, which will be released via Dine Alone Records early next year.  

While out on the road, I had the chance to talk to the band to get some hindsight… 

Give us some background on Sleepy Sun…
Sleepy Sun started the ignition on its Honda Accord sometime around 2004. Feeling out the back roads of Santa Cruz, they slowly crept onto the freeway with their debut album Embrace. There were a few components and parts changed over the years between albums, but man, can she fly! Topping out at 71 mph on the open road, the Sleepy Sun mobile takes corners with the ease of a Porsche with the panache of a Buick Cutlass. Cruise on by your local record store and take one for a test drive! 

What can one expect at a Sleepy Sun show?
We usually drop the seats back a bit-- ya know, to get a little comfortable. Since it's a manual transmission, we'll start in first gear and pop open a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos, get some red dust on our fingers. You can roll down the windows if you want. When we get around 2nd or 3rd gear, I'll probably pop the trunk open on the freeway to release a gaggle of canary-yellow balloons into the wild. This tends to attract gremlins, so keep your eyes peeled and feel free to throw bottle rockets out the window. Sometimes they'll chase these in lieu of the moving vehicle.  

What is next for Sleepy Sun?
Our new record Maui Tears will be out in January 2014, so I'm assuming we'll be throwing that on the 8-track and drink a few Zimas.  

Anything else you would like to add?

Sleepy Sun w/ City and Colour
Saturday November 2nd
7p Doors / 8p Show