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Interview With Southern Rockers: Drive By Truckers

CincyMusic.com: You’re into a new tour, coming on the re-release of Alabama Ass Whuppin’ .. can fans expect the unexpected? Any surprises you can clue us in on?
Patterson Hood: If I tell you, then it's not unexpected. Everyone will know. The shows have been extra fun this year. The band is really in a great place on all levels. We have loved having Alabama Ass Whuppin' back out after all these years and the shows have pulled songs from all of the various eras of the band, as well as a couple of new ones from our upcoming album that we just completed this week. 

CM: Over the years, you’ve insisted on also releasing on vinyl? Is that nostalgia, or do you see a significant return of that market?
PH: It's not nostalgia, it's really the best sounding format for music, plus the artwork and packaging that accompanies it. More and more people have been getting into collecting vinyl (it's one of the few areas of the music biz that's been showing steady growth in the last few years). It is a sizable percentage of our sales. Cincinnati actually has one of the best record stores in the country (Shake It Records).

CM: DBT music has been described as a “tale of the times,” laying out the state-of-the world and not pulling punches. What stands out enough to catch your attention these days?
PH: You don't have to watch much news to get pissed off these days. Even through the Stewart / Colbert filter, it's so bad I end up yelling at the TV. All of the misinformation about the health care issues that the Republicans and Koch Brothers keep spewing, while there are people who can'[t get insurance due to pre-existing conditions. As much as I hate the news, you can't bury your head in the sand (or trust most of what they say on TV).

CM: Musically. Guilty pleasure?
PH: I don't feel guilty for anything that gives me pleasure, especially musically. 

CM: What’s the number 1 tune you can’t seem to get out of your head?
PH: Califone's new album is incredible. I love their song, "Movie Music Killed the Kiss". 

Drive By Truckers
w/ Old 97's
Madison Theater
Friday November 8th