Get to Know Download Artist of the Week: Zebras in Public

Download "John Doe" by Zebras in Public HERE!

What inspired the song “John Doe"?
From Zebediah's head.
I was thinking about the problems with youth and crime in the inner city. And just how, crazy it is that you can die and not have an identity. And how allot of people have died without an identify. Im a big fan of reggae music and I wanted to try merging reggae and rock music into one sound.


Give us some backstory on Zebras in Public…
5 and 1/2 years ago the band was formed by Ian and Zebediah when they met while working together. At the time former Bass player (Chuck Kerns) and former drummer (Blake Nolan) had also been jamming with Ian in a band (Rusting Through) and searching for a lead singer. 
After about 2 years current drummer (Chris Himes) joined the band and about a year later current Rhythm guitarist (Justin Smith) also joined. This added a whole new dimension to the sound and dynamic of the group. 
After some time Chuck Kerns needed to step down from playing bass for personal reasons. This put the band in a tough spot forcing Justin to pick up bass in order to keep up with the bands show schedule. 
Fast forward another year and long time friend Brandon Masters joins the band as the current bass player to finally round out the sound and allow ZIP to regain their focus.

Zebra in Public (the name) came about, lets start with the obvious, there are black and white members in the band working together to create great music. Secondly, the visual of a zebra In public we feel, is quite awesome. Just imagine seeing a ZEBRA IN PUBLIC??? It would be kinda cool. Third, humanity as a whole is like a zebra. Mixed with different races of people working together to keep the world in motion. And we feel like we are the musical prototype for humanity.

What is next for Zebras in Public?
Currently we are finalizing our first full length album. And getting ready to release our first single "Propaganda" on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Music. 
We aren't stopping after that either, we are headed right back in the studio after the first of the year to continue recording. New songs are coming out every week and we don’t want to wait to record them or stifle the creative process; so we're just gonna keep going all the while pushing this album thats about to drop.

We intend to bring our sound to as many people as possible with a solid touring schedule to support and promote the new album.