Get to Know Download Artist of the Week: Dark Colour

Download "Burn It Down" by Dark Colour HERE!

What was the inspiration behind the song "Burn it Down"?
Right before I was about to leave to stay in Los Angeles for a while, I was amongst the company of good friends who were literally dancing the night away to some beats and rhythms I made for them on the fly that evening. At that moment I thought about all my friends and those close to me at the time and all the memories that we had. I knew it was a transformative period for all of us and walking away from that night I decided to take the music that I made for our get-together then and unleash everything I wanted to say to everyone then over top of it. Thus Burn It Down came to be. When I the hear the song today I still get a glimpse of that strong underlying sense of fear and hope I had going on at that point in my life and it really makes think how everything really was different after that night…

Give us some backstory on Dark Colour…
Well I’ve been making beats and soundtrack pieces for film projects ever since I was a youngling. I never really set out to do anything with my music then, but I would make little albums for me and my friends to listen to together all throughout my teens. It really wasn’t until junior year of high school an album I made starting circling around there amongst a lot of the students. I’ll never forget when one of the cool senior kids came up to me and told me how much he wanted to tell me my album was the best album he ever heard. When he asked me about my process he became noticeably disappointed when I told him it was mostly just samples that I had assembled and constructed together, as he had assumed the whole thing was actually a performance piece. That’s when I set forth from that moment on to actually teach and skill at myself the keyboard and all the instruments my music had called for so I could literally perform and craft all those little elements and pieces for all of my future projects from then on. I tried putting together some rock bands and helped collaborate on some friends’ projects, but when I started to notice an exciting shift in the electronic music world I shifted my own focus to more of a solo project and that’s where Dark Colour took life. I try not to see it as genre-conforming music, as it’s not solely just a electronic project and it’s not exactly a rock band.. it’s kind of this natural progression I’ve settled into between the two realms that kind of separates Dark Colour from being unlike anything I’ve ever involved myself with before. I always seeking to surprise myself with Dark Colour as well as all the others that are drawn and continue to follow the project.

What is next for Dark Colour?
Well I just started playing live with Ben Liming on drums, our first show’s coming up at The Northside Tavern in Clifton, on 11/15 with local acts Playfully Yours and Countless Others. We’ll will be following that performance up at the Mad Frog with some other bands on the 21st. We’re really setting out to play Prisoner out as much as we can and we’re hoping in the next couple months to maybe get some sort of mini-tour going or maybe open up for an already touring act. Only time will tell, but playing out is definitely the big mission right now.

I’m also constantly writing and I already have some groundwork laid out for the next album that I’m really, really excited about. I think the next album is going to be similar to Prisoner in the sense that will be another collage of catchy singles complied together into a singular composition. I’m definitely a fan of variety albums that branch into multiple genres and themes and that’s really the kind of work I want to continue creating through the span of Dark Colour’s discography for the years to come. It will continue to be this grand musical adventure for all those looking to lost into another world of musical imagination.