Seven/Seventy-Nine Team Up With and Seven/Seventy-Nine teamed up to bring you The Bunbury Sessions! Bunbury and Midpoint are over and we know that you are going to need your music festival fix. So we are bringing to you videos each week to relive your favorite artists from the VIP tent at Bunbury Music Festival! 

Seven/Seventy-Nine is a one stop shop for film & video production. You need it done and they will make it happen. Seven/Seventy-Nine has worked with clients such as the Christian Moerlein Brewing Company, the Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Company, P&G, Coney Island, CincyTech, the Over-The-Rhine Foundation, Bridgewater Falls Lifestyle Shopping Center, Soapbox Media, EvenFlo and the University of Cincinnati’s Fashion Design Program. Seven/Seventy-Nine is dedicated to providing the highest quality video production at a reasonable cost.

We sat down with Dan, Drew and Adam of Seven/Seventy-Nine (aka 7/79) to gain some insight on just what is it they are about.

How did 7/79 come to be?
Drew and I (Dan) met on the rowing team at the University of Cincinnati. We became friends but sort of went our separate ways as we got deeper into our majors and other collegiate activities. Then we (Dan and Drew) ran into each other at a party a few months before graduation and discovered a mutual love of the art of filmmaking and video production. After that we made a short film and got involved with any production that would have us. It was just a hobby for many years but eventually people offered to pay us for it. We quit our day jobs and went full time at the beginning of 2010 and have been going strong ever since.
As the business grew we needed someone with a strong financial background that could keep an eye on the bottom line. That is where Adam came in. He introduced us to this thing called a profit margin. Since then Adam has stepped up to become more than the financial guru by helping produce some of the commercial and corporate work we have.

Tell us a bit about 7/79…
We do all kinds of video - everything form music videos to broadcast commercials. We shot a music video for a Los Angeles based house DJ, Ruckus Roboticus, that found its way onto MTV. We enjoy projects that allow us to stretch creatively and try out new ideas. I'd say our day to day projects vary from corporate and industrial video, to brand pieces and commercials for brands such as Evenflo, Christian Moerlein, Jergens, and Wham-O. The Wham-O spots we did actually won a gold Addy award and went on to compete nationally against some of the top ad agencies in the world. It was a huge honor to be included in that kind of company. I think for us it really boils down to finding a story and telling it through video. One thing we've learned is that there's a story to be told in everything and finding that story is what we love to do.

If you could shoot an acoustic music session from ANYONE, who would it be?
The Beatles. Is there any other answer to this question? And I'm (Dan) talking about the early Beatles, like in their Hamburg days. An acoustic set with the "we hate each other" Let it Be Beatles would still be awesome beyond all belief but if I had my choice I would go with the early days. Other than the Beatles, Zeppelin would have been fun as would Bowie and The Clash. As for current bands, I (Dan) can't shut up about Allah-Las or Foxygen so if they happen to read this and want to do an acoustic session or a music video...

What is next for 7/79?
We're going to continue creating compelling and engaging video content. We tell stories through video and that's the best part of our job. We recently moved into a new office in Over-the-Rhine where we're building a studio and that will open up a whole new world of possibilities. We'll also keep stretching creatively with our own passion projects like music videos, feature and short films, and TV concepts.

1227 Jackson Street, Suite A
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Check out the first video of the series below!