McGlasson Farms Announce Annual Fall Music Lineup

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Going to McGlasson Farms is a family tradition. Every year this is the place to get your pumpkins. McGlasson Farms is also the best place to go to get cider, apples, sweet corn, peaches, homemade jams, etc... 

McGlasson Farms is a sixth-generation family-owned & operated fruit & vegetable farm located on Route 8 (right next to the Ohio River) in Hebron, KY.  They are open from July through October and grow all of their own produce right at the farm - from sweet corn & tomatoes to apples & peaches, they have just about everything you can think of throughout the summer. 

During the fall they ramp up for the fall harvest season and have all apple varieties fresh-picked and ready, pumpkins ready-picked or pick your own, caramel apples, apple cider, gourds, fall decorations and much more.  Part of their fall tradition includes having some great local musicians play live shows on Saturday/ Sunday afternoons, setup outside on a wagon for customers to enjoy as they take in the day and pick out a pumpkin or have some fresh cider. 

Head on down to McGlasson Farms this fall to start your own family tradition!

Fall Music Lineup:

October 5th
Elijah Creek 

October 12th
River Cats

October 13th
Jeremy Pinnel & the 55's 

October 19th
Jake Speed 

October 20th
Good News Boys

McGlasson Farms
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Hebron, KY
 McGlasson Farms

McGlasson Farms

McGlasson Farms