Iron Wing Live: “Angel of Mine” by Jeremy Pinnell and the 55's

The latest installation of Iron Wing Live is upon us! Go grab a cold one and be ready to hit play over and over. Before you hit that play button though, check out our interview with one of the amazing 55's, Cameron Cochran!


What was the inspiration behind the song “Angel of Mine”?
"Angel of Mine" is a song that Jeremy wrote about not being able to shake the memory of a lover.

How does the preparation for a video shoot differ from a live performance? Was it odd to have to be “on” with no crowd interaction?
We recorded this song totally live. There were no overdubs. Those that have seen us live know that what you see in this video is what you get. We always try to perform well for one another and try not to get distracted with how many people are listening in an audience. We are all focused on supporting Jeremy's songwriting and voice.

What is your relationship with Iron Wing Studios?
Brandon has known Jeremy for a bit. They both admire each others work. Brandon and his sister did an amazing job capturing this performance and we are very grateful and hope to work with him again in the future. 


What is next for Jeremy Pinnell and the 55's?
Jeremy Pinnell and The 55's started for me when I told Jeremy I'd help him record a solo record and I still haven't delivered. It's time for me to make good on my promise. I was raised to be a man of my word.