Get to Know Download Artist of the Week: Jesse Thomas

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What was the inspiration behind the song "Sidewalk Ends"?

The inspiration came from having a friend who was dealing with addiction, and the back and forth of loving and hating this person, but ultimately just wanting to be that magic person who can "fix" them.

Give us some backstory on Jesse Thomas...
I grew up in Covington, Kentucky. I was always really into sports. It wasn't until after college I started playing music. I had met Kristen Key and Kinsey Rose, and thought they were the coolest girls I had ever met. They drank vodka straight and slung their guitars around town. I only knew about three chords on the guitar, but I was pretty desperate for any excuse to bail on my 9-5, post college, salary job. I contacted Kelly Thomas, per my dad, who is also a musician, suggestion, and she got me a little gig at York Street. I didn't know what they hell I was doing, but for the first time in a long time, I felt in place. Music wasn't really ever a passion for me back in those days. It was more an excuse to drink too much, be youthful and dumb, and to feel much cooler than I actually was. Tucked in the back of my mind was the "big picture." I was going to move to Los Angeles and become an actress, get on Saturday Night Live, write a movie, star in it. After about two years of playing really bad music, getting canned from my job, considering going back to school, moving into my parent’s basement, I decided it was no better time than to cut my losses and move to Los Angeles. I sold all my shit, and it was a bitch because I was in a relationship that I really didn't want to end, but I felt like I was trapped in a bubble in Covington. I always knew there was more for me if I went and got it. I got to Los Angeles and for the first six months I was in a darker place than I had ever been. Turns out condensing your life to fit in the back of your shitty car, and moving to a city where no one knows you, can make you really sad. I blew all my money on head shots, a fancy haircut, and acting classes; $4,000 goes a lot quicker in Los Angeles, unbeknownst to me. My first hair cut cost me $600. No joke. I remember sitting next to Bob The Bachelor at the salon and thinking, this is gonna be pricey. So during the days I would do extra work on TV shows like House and Hannah Montana, and at night I would dust off my guitar and write about how miserable I was. My roommate’s friend Jonah overheard me one night and told me to come sing for him in the living room. He instantly became the first member of my fan club and encouraged me to play more. Probably a month or so after that he told me about an open mic night at the Rainbow on Sunset. I gave it a shot. It was because of that night that I met Jim Roach. Jim and I started working together about 6 months after my open mic night. We made a demo, sent it to an old friend Rob McDermott, who managed Linkin Park at the time, got signed, flew to NYC, got courted by labels, got the Starbucks Pick Of The Week, put out some music, charted on Billboard, got some stuff on TV. In short of course. The details are boring, but I am really happy, and feel like I am doing really well. I still don't have any money, and most people still don't know my name... but they will soon.

What is next for Jesse Thomas?
I am going on tour at the end of October, hitting up Charlotte, Cincy, Indy, Nashville, and Chicago. I am touring as a trio, which I have never been able to do, so I am thrilled. After that I am putting out a record that I am really proud of. It will probably come out in December, or maybe January. It is my best work. More on that later.

See Jesse live at The Southgate House Revival Friday, October 25 for One More Girl on a Stage!