AN ALBUM REVIEW: The Frankl Project- Standards (2013)

The Frankl Project offers up a powerful set of songs full of lyrical strength, clarity, and personality. Standards, the independent rock trio's latest album, sparks with emotional bursts matched with equal blasts of sound. There is a nice touch of vocal surprise, musical starts and stops, and variant harmonies that lace this soundscape well played by Jacob Tippey (guitar/lead vocals), Joe Frankl (drums/lead vocals), and Paul Schroder (bass/backup vocals).    

They accomplish a raw energy performed for both wild settings and a quieter sort.  The album starts off with "Alive on the road" where the wry lyrics talk of life in the band world. Its clear that some lyrics are more succinct while others more exploratory on this wide-ranging collection. This set of songs is highlighted by its rare blend of sincerity, and mature & technically skilled playing.   
The trio prides itself in its songwriting, dynamics, and passion, and all three are fully expressed here. The songs make you curious about the tales behind them, as good songs often do. The ten years they have spent together have allowed them to do many forms of the musical genre, and this album hints at many of them. The thought-provoking lyrics are of a very high caliber and are essential parts of the songs.   
The drums touch the right tones throughout the album, and the guitar work offers plentiful variety including the impressive standout playing on "The Ottoman.".  The bass helps the listener wade through the different melodies and there is a very enjoyable type of musical magic achieved on the song "Caution."  Everyone will have their favorites as there is plenty to choose from here. Simply put there are some great warm sounds on this record.      
The band clearly has a knack for playing live, and it will be good to catch them around Cincinnati when you can in support of this extra fine contribution to the musicology of the moment and future.  They have toured fairly extensively and show the strength of a group who have worked hard at their craft.  These might not be the "standards" you croon in the shower, but you might just find them to be a great fit for your musical collection. Take time out to discover The Frankl Project's self-produced full length album and enjoy!  

Come check it out for yourself October 4th at tSGHR for Cincypunk Fest!

The Frankl Project
The Southgate House Revival
Cincypunk Fest
Friday October 4th
7p Doors / 8p Show


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