Music Event with a Message

One Mic Stand is an unscripted televised competition segment series scheduled to air on NXSTV, Saturday’s at 7PM on BouneTV.

The goal is to find amazing artists and expose them to the community in the most potent way possible! Each week, talent showcase their stuff and tell their story. Elite guest judges provide live feedback and score artists on: originality, stage presence and audience response. The talent with the highest overall score is awarded the Title Crown One Mic Stand - Winner of the Week and an award signifying their win. One Mic Stand offers talent recognition, exposure and more! But they take it a step further… 

It is their mission to inform, empower and engage the community by offering resources and alternatives to mitigating violent conflict and  situations. Weekly special guest speakers and vignettes help bring this message to life and ensure that we are addressing issues facing members of our community. One Mic Stand is the first broadcast television event of its kind in the tri-state area with the potential to reach millions. OMS second production will be filmed before a live audience, for ten weeks every Thursday, beginning October 10, 2013.

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