LOVE X STEREO are Playing MPMF 2x

LOVE X STEREO is an electro rock band based in Seoul, Korea. LOVE X STEREO’s music is authentic electronic music based in alternative and punk rock from the 90s. With its free use of synthesizing and effects, LOVE X STEREO’s music is impossible not to dance to.

This a band to pay attention to. Since discovering this band, they have planted themselves into a steady rotation in my daily playlist. They will be playing  MPMF Friday at Know Theatre, 9:15p and again at the Findlay Market MidPoint Music Festival Day Show Saturday on the Main Stage at 1:35p!

We chatted with Annie from the band prior to the double header at MPMF.

Give us some background on LOVE X STEREO.
We are an electro-rock band based in Seoul, Korea. We are mostly interested in music from the 90s, like alternative, grunge, punk, techno, etc..., anything from that era. But we like to make our sound up to date. In order to make it sound 21st century, we love to use electronic elements and various beats, and always open-minded for creating something new. 

What can one expect at a live show?
Our sound is basically rock music combined with electro, so it can be very new, but also very familiar. Our performances are very, very dynamic, powerful, and energetic. One can readily listen to our music on iTunes or CDs and feel at ease right away, but we believe our live is way more than that. You might be surprised! We like our sound to be extremely Hi-Fi, but our overall songs are more rock/pop than electro, so all in all, anybody who digs rock, pop, or electro will find it very easy to engage with us. Please come to our show, and just go with the flow :)

What was the inspiration behind the new EP, Glow?
We tried out a lot during our past two EPs. We wanted to do dance, electro, psychedelic, techno, shoegazing, etc., stuff that we never done before in the past. (We were originally a punk rock band.) And we got a lot of feedback from our last EP <Off The Grid>. Our inspiration for this EP <GLOW>, was actually our upcoming North American tour. We wanted to dedicate new songs to our new fans, and wanted to make it sound simple and easy, but more grand and in-depth. Hope you like it!

What is next for LOVE X STEREO?
We are up for anything! After MidPoint, we're heading to New York and go on with our North American tour. We got invited to CMJ Music Marathon, M.E.A.N.Y. Fest, and Indie Week Canada, and we are going to tour 6 more cities. Please follow our journey on FB, Twitter, or our website! 

In the future, we are willing to meet our fans all over the world, create good music, and have a hell of a time! You will hear more and more from us, no doubt!



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