Iron Wing Recording Studios present Iron Wing Live! is proud to premiere the first of a series of videos from Iron Wing Recording Studios! 

Iron Wing Live was created to give you a rare glimpse behind the curtain at exceptional artists and bands performing live in a studio setting. These videos are meant to reveal music in one of its most wonderful forms: raw, live, and real.  At Iron Wing Studios, we are continually amazed by the talent that graces our doors. We find tremendous joy in capturing exceptional music. Iron Wing Live is our way of sharing a small piece of that pleasure with you. 

We sat down with Kristen, the first of a long line of phenomenal artists that will grace the Iron Wing Live set. 

What was the inspiration behind the song "Thirty-Seven-Sixty"?
My friends are actually the inspiration behind "Thirty-Seven Sixty"---I grew up in a small town in Dayton where my graduation class consisted of the majority of people I began Kindergarten with. Needless to say, most of my childhood friends I still have a very intimate and close relationship with today. I am so grateful for these friendships, those of my close friends whom I've had as an influence in my life for many years. Thirty-Seven Sixty was written with this in mind. I feel like my close friends have been around me so long that they deserved to be written about.  

How does the preparation for a video shoot differ from a live performance?
Everything from the setup to the performance itself was completely different than an actual live performance. A lot of work went into the video (Brandon did such a fantastic job with it, too!), and we took several takes to get just the right angles for every part of the video. And of course, obviously there wasn't an audience of people in front of me.  

What is your relationship with Iron Wing Studios?
I actually recorded my first EP, a self-titled album, at Iron Wing Recording studios. I guess at this point I can go out on a limb and say I've worked with Brandon a lot (ha!)----in high school I was in a band that recorded there first LP at Iron Wing. I was so impressed by my experience with the staff and the quality of the music, that I couldn't wait to come back and bring in some of my own music! Really, Iron Wing was my first personal experience in fleshing out my own music in the recording process.  

Tell us about the video shoot... One take and done or was it more involved? Was it odd to have to be so "on" with no crowd interaction?
As I said before, we took several takes to shoot the video. It wasn't too many of course---but definitely more than a single take! Actually, it wasn't too hard to "be on" without a crowd. There's definitely something about seeing faces react to a lyric or a musical hook---crowd reactions are awesome, and I definitely feed off of that during a performance. But, with the purpose of the video in mind and the hope that a few people and fans were going to view it, it wasn't hard to grasp that energy. Also, I'm a big advocate of practicing "stage presence" without a live audience. If you can't do it on your own, without an audience, there's no way you're going to deliver during a performance. I've had many "concerts" in my living room singing to pillows and inanimate objects. Yes, everyone in my house laughs at me. Yes, it seems ridiculous. But hey, it works!  

Your band in the that the band you tour with or a studio band?
The band in the video was comprised of people who previously attended/are attending Anderson University, I'm currently a Junior there. I've played with each of the players quite a bit, usually when a show requires a full band I bring them in. I typically prefer to play an acoustic set live, but I really enjoy having a band when I can! They're awesome, talented guys---each of them works on separate projects in which they put a lot of time and energy. Jon, the bass player, actually works as a freelance producer at his studio in downtown Anderson (The Varsity Recording Co.)----he produced/engineered the actual audio copy of "Thirty Seven Sixty" that will be released shortly after this video is. The project is just one testament to his producing and engineering skills. Isaac works as a studio drummer and plays with several successful bands in the area---he also recently took a job as an assistant worship leader in Carmel, Indiana. Caleb, the guitarist, has been touring with BEC's new artist Adam Cappa. Anyways, the diversity and talent of the band really helped pull the music together! 

What is next for Kristen Bennett? Tour, album etc...
Man, I'm not entirely sure. For me, I'm going to finish up school next year and continue to establish myself as an artist. Putting work into my studies is my first priority, but I always make room for playing music. This fall I've been fitting in as many shows as I can with my work at school, and I will continue to play out on weekends next Spring. I love the concept of the live show, and engaging with new people. I'm looking at releasing a full-length album soon, possibly in the spring. This single will be included on the album. In the summer I'm also looking at interning at a church, and possibly getting involved in ministry. If time provides, hopefully I can sneak a tour in there somewhere! It's been busy, but as soon as I'm finished with school there will be more room to focus, travel often, and play out more. My hope is to spread a message of joy to others, something that ordinary people need....and ordinary people can relate to.