Get to Know Download Artist of the Week: Austin Livingood!

Download "Walk Away" by Austin Livingood HERE!

What inspired the song,  "Walk Away"?
Walk Away is a song that was inspired of a personal relationship that had fallen through. It originally was written as a sappy pop song (which I still have the demo of) but I realized that it just didn't fit. So when I started writing the story of "The Weightless Anchor" I asked myself what I wanted this scene to sound like, so I referred back to the night that relationship ended and it seemed like sporadic drums, hard yelling, and gritty guitars filled that out very nicely.

What is your favorite place to write songs?
My favorite place to write would probably be on the floor in my room. There's something about solitude and music that makes the most honest content. I have an old WWII chest as my desk that Ill set whatever lyric journal/laptop on along with some coffee, and my iPhone is always ready to record any idea I've got.

What is next for Austin Livingood?
What's next is the release of EP II called "By Train" which hosts the four songs I am most proud of as an artist. "By Train" will be released in November with a single to be released in October(that isn't Walk Away.) I have a couple of shows coming up also which will be on 9/14 at the Cincinnati Beer Festival  w/July for Kings and on 10/17 at the University of Kentucky (Cats Den.)