Indie rock?  Folk? Hip hop?  Rap?  All can be used to describe the many different styles of this native Cincinnati band comprised of the Wolf brothers, Yoni and Josiah, and McDiarmid.  With their debut album, Elephant Eyelash, Why? began to acquire a fan base who appreciated their grinning choruses, wry, witty confessionals, crude details, odd but  complex poetry, and the ever-changing musical style of what has became to be known as Why?.  Their second hip hop-based album, Alopecia, not only showcased their musical adaptability, but also reached out to fans.  Why? selected pictures of fans’ palms and featured them on the album cover.  For their next album, Eskimo Snow, the band took a step away from hip hop and focused more on a combination of indie rock and folk, very impressionistic, focusing more on imagery and effect than on any narrative or logic.  The following Sod in the Seed EP circled back around with its upbeat melody and incorporated alternative rap.  Their most current album, Mumps, Etc., is a twist of morbid fascination and offbeat romanticism.  With the help of a professor at North Texas music school, Why? wrangled up a crew of gunslingers to exact their wild schemes: a string quartet, an eight-person choir, woodwinds, and horns, resulting unusual artistry and catchiness, to create this album, which is nothing unexpected of this band.  One song, Paper Hearts, is gorgeously detailed, showcasing a gut-wrenching end to an important relationship.  

Recently, Why? released their Golden Tickets EP, a collection of personalized  theme songs for about seven specific WHY? fans.  Again, reaching out to their fan base, the Wolf brothers researched fans through internet sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and even went as for a as contacting significant others for the purpose of crafting musical homages to showcase on their album.  One song, Dropjaw, consists of Yoni lip reading what he thinks are the verbal meanderings of a shirtless man, who sent Why? a soundless video of himself mouthing a silent monologue into the a camera. There are no surprises when it comes to the creative works of Why?.  It’s their imaginative artwork, versatile style, skewed but forever winking eye on the human condition that keeps fans wanting more.  Check out all of the talent this Friday at Fountain Square and prepare to be amazed!