Get to know Download Artist of the Week: Shiny and the Spoon!

Download "Someday Love" by Shiny and the Spoon HERE

Give us some backstory on Shiny and the Spoon.
Amber and I met back in 2008, and immediately started playing music together as "Shiny and the Spoon." She and I split our time playing in some other local acts until 2011, when Pete Brown and Matt Frazer joined up, and we decided to focus our creative efforts on one project. We released our first full-length album: "Ferris Wheel" at that time, and have been "weekend-warrior" touring and cutting our teeth together since. The band features some great players, and we really have a lot of fun together. 

What is your favorite summertime venue to play in Cincinnati?
As subjective as it is, I guess I would have to pick The Metamora Music Festival. Though I wouldn't say I speak for the whole band, there are so many fun shows to pick from: Whispering Beard Folk Festival, Fountain Square on Tuesday nights, EdenSong (now ArtSong), and all the other little festivals and events. I guess Metamora, being Labor Day Weekend, is always sandwiched between a lot of fun stuff I look back on fondly. And the crowd's always EXTREMELY supportive and grateful for the show.

What is next for Shiny and the Spoon?
Amber and I are eager to spend more of our time writing new songs, and I know the rest of the band is anxious to have some new songs to arrange. In every band I've ever been in, there's a point where you start to sync and really rally around your own unique sound and voice. And as ephemeral as this whole thing is, we really want to do as much as we can while we're all together. I guess that's a long-winded way to say we're going to focus on building an entirely new set after this. We may take a step back for a few months -especially as Amber and I prepare for our wedding- but we've already got some new material we're hoping to debut at the Release Party.