Get to know Download Artist of the Week: Frankly Speaking!

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Give us some background on Frankly Speaking...
Frankly Speaking is the moniker for Singer Songwriter Jordon Frank Schneider. With lyrics that tug at the heart strings, and catchy acoustic and piano driven melodies, it is hard not to find yourself singing along or humming several of Frankly's tunes after hearing them once. Jordon started as a singer/songwriter in college, and after graduating with a music degree, cut a demo, and moved to LA. While in LA he continued to record two albums with a couple different producers, and earned some spots on CD compilations (alongside artists such as Lifehouse, Luna Halo, Kate Nash, The Midway State, etc...), and one of his tracks, "Wasting all my time" from his first album was nominated at the LA music awards for best punk vocal in 2007. Since then, Jordon has moved back to his home town of Cincinnati, Ohio and continues to play all around the city, even opening up with his full band for The Cincinnati Reds for opening day (twice), and recently released his 4th album, "We Are Islands". Fun Fact: Three Songs from this album were signed to publishing deals. To find out more about Frankly Speaking, visit

Give us some background on Frankly Speaking...
My favorite venue in Cincinnati to see other bands would probably be MOTR or Tin Roof (cover bands at least). I personally like playing with my band at Tin Roof or Mt Lookout Tavern, but solo I really enjoy playing KAZE in OTR which I do every other Thursday. For NYE last year we played 20th Century  Theatre and that was a blast also.

What is your inspiration behind your music?
Inspiration for my music comes in various ways. It could be the type of music I'm listening to at the time I write a song, it can be me sitting down and coming up with a piano riff or guitar chord progression, it can be events that happen in my life which get my creative juices flowing. it really just depends. Sometimes even weather can play a part in the process.

What is next for Frankly Speaking?
Whats next for frankly speaking is really uncertain. This Wednesday I am playing FB's for the battle of the bands solo artist competition and if I win I'm in the final four, so that could be huge. Also I am working on a new EP which will have about 2-3 new songs on it, including the one that is featured on the site ("You, and Everyone Else"). I just keep playing locally and keep pushing my music through various internet radio stations and film/tv placements. Honestly we as a band would love to get management and hopefully go on tour in the near future.