Austin Livingood's The Weightless Anchor: By Plane (1): A Review

The creative Belle Histoire Guitarist, Austin Livingood, has crafted a collection of songs that cast a light on the reality of life. This EP embraces an accessible sound that is clearly in touch with planet Earth, and brings the listener through a web of storytelling.  The clean tones are optimistic, but not ridiculously so. The bass lines are sophisticated and add a nice balance to the airy guitars. Austin has offered up an EP (the 1st of 3 installments) that tells a story from beginning to end, although the order of tales (songs) is mixed up. There are characters to this story who seek resolution. By completing the listening experience, one can get answers.   

Overall a very sharp and impressive beginning to the trilogy and this release does make a listener want to see what destination the "By Plane" leads to. There is something that most can relate to with this collection of songs, and that makes it accessible to a wider audience. "Nashville" sets it off and the music drives along with a sound scape of images floating by. The set is highlighted by "City of Seven Hills" as it best captures Austin's songwriting ability and his use of sounds to create a vibe, and "The Light" as it plays with a strong and graceful stride with a intriguing composition to match. Songs of this caliber are what makes this EP different from other related singer/songwriters. Austin raises the bar on "City of Seven Hills" as the song helps recreate a dreamlike atmosphere where one can look down on the city at large.   

A listener might feel "weightless" as the songs prowl on step by step, out of sync, "Back Home." The production of this release gives you just enough guitar and vocals to want more and in its entirety it is strong. For style: its creeping guitar with drifting vocal melodies with smart companion drums and bass. There are many directions these type of songs can go musically, and a solid foundation has been set.

The blend of musical characteristics and song focus found here are highly appealing. Perhaps catching Austin Livingood LIVE, checking out this EP, or waiting on the next 2 parts of the tale are what best comes next. These solo adventures are surely a wise exposition of Mr. Livingood's talents.  If you can make it, listen and participate you can come see this plane land for real.   

Go give it a listen for yourself HERE!