The Taft Theatre hosts David Byrne and St. Vincent on Wednesday!

David Byrne and St. Vincent broke the mold with their debut collaboration, Love This Giant, earning raves from TIME, The New Yorker, the NY Times, NPR, and more. On Wednesday they are paying a visit to the Queen City. 

Love This Giant developed like many a New York City-bred friendship. Both parties are kind of hazy about how it began, but after a couple of semi-chance encounters, David Byrne and Annie Clark, who records and performs as St. Vincent, embarked upon a creative dialogue that has flourished over the last three years.

Though Byrne and Clark each have an unmistakable sound and persona that have made them such compelling performers on their own, their voices manage to blend naturally, effortlessly, here. Sometimes they trade verses; at others they sing in unison. Like friends who can finish each other’s sentences, when one takes the spotlight alone, it’s often with words that the other provided. The brass lends the songs an appealing theatrical sheen while programmed percussion provides a contemporary feel. The inventive arrangements have clearly sparked some remarkable vocal performances—check out Byrne on the syncopated I Should Watch TV or Clark on the grand Optimist. Though there’s no overarching theme to Love This Giant, surreal images of nature dominate the lyrics, most of which were worked on in tandem by Byrne and Clark. The threat of natural disaster promises an emotional epiphany; urban apocalypse gives way to a garden party.

"Two brainy kids speaking in tongues that are fascinating"
- Rolling Stone

"A funky, live-wire, anything-goes feel a persistent flair for movement and mayhem"
- NPR's Stephen Thompson 

David Byrne and St. Vincent
The Taft Theatre
Wednesday July 10th
Doors 7p / Show 8p
$35 - $65