Get to know Download Artist of the Week: Archer's Paradox!

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Tell us about the inspiration for the new album…
It was half inspiration half experimentation. We sort of rushed to the studio to record what was originally going to be a set of demos, to see how the 6 man band sounded in a studio setting. After laying down a couple tracks, we were extremely pleased with the sound, so we took the opportunity to record as much as possible. We laid down 10 tracks live with the whole band at The Sound Emporium in Nashville, and those 10 tracks became the album. 

The inspiration for this album came from a couple of places. We all grew up on classic rock: Jackson Browne, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, etc.  On the other hand I was listening to a lot of different albums at the time that I wrote Pyramid Lake. My morning jacket, LCD Sound System, Vampire Weekend, a little bit of Arcade Fire, and Kanye West thrown in there too.

The title, “Pyramid Lake” came from a trip to Pyramid Lake in Nevada to watch the Solar Eclipse.  It was originally just the title of our first single, but we felt that the song and the trip itself really represented the fun and experimental nature of the album.

How has Archer’s Paradox evolved from its beginnings?
Archer’s Paradox has come a long way over the last two years. It started with Seth writing music on his MacBook by himself.  “I had no real vision for Archer’s Paradox at this time, I was just trying to stay creative and write music” – Seth.  The electronic pop melodies that he had created resonated very well amongst some of his closest friends, so he decided to take it to the next level.  Working with close friend and now lead guitarist Alex Solin, they created a sound with guitars to go with the electronic pop melodies.  This is where the “band” began to form. Seth knew he had something special going on and took advantage of having close friends (and roommates) with a similar drive and determination to play great music.  After a couple months of learning the songs as a 6 man band, they played their first show at Rohs Street Tavern on April 7th of 2012 and haven’t looked back since. 

It’s really a unique group of guys.  Every band member has a different musical background. Mark (bass) and Alex (lead guitar) are both big into heavy metal. You can hear a lot of that in alex’s numerous solo’s on the album. Stefan, Seth, and the Juice (Josh) had all played in pop punk band Ellison together. And Cam (keys) listens to a lot of rap. Being able to put together a group of guys from different backgrounds to create the sound that they have, is a paradox in itself.

What do you love about being a musician in Cincinnati?
Being a part of a growing music culture is very appealing. Inside a growing urban environment, like OTR. We have been a part of the great OTR community, working at bars and restaurants. Watching the growing arts scene first hand has helped to fuel us even more 

Big Cincinnati bands have played a role in that growing music culture too, bands like Foxy Shazam, Walk the Moon, The National. 

What are the future plans for Archer’s Paradox?
World Takeover, but seriously, we just released our first album and we are looking to get back into the studio to record another album. Continue to write, always continue writing, that’s important.  We are starting to do some writing as a group, which is new for us.  We also want to get a little creative, do some bazaar things on stage, do a handful of smaller more intimate acoustic shows too. It’s important for a new band like us to get out and be heard. We have a couple huge shows coming up in Cincinnati, the Indie Summer Concert Series and MPMF, but A Midwest Tour is definitely in order before the end of the year.