Let It Happen sign to InVogue Records!

Congrats to locals, Let It Happen! The band will make their label debut with a brand new EP, Unravel to be released on August 6th.  Let It Happen formed in 2009 and quickly got out there playing venues and writing. Their performances are high energy and lyrics accessible. Right away, the band were recognized for memorable melodies and unguarded lyrics. Comprised of Drew Brown, Sean Highley, Michael Vogel and Nathan Joiner, Let It Happen give a voice to a generation on the bridge. We spoke to Drew Brown about the exciting news.

Congrats on signing with InVogue!!
Thank you so much!


What thoughts went through your head when you first heard?
Well, to be honest, I was super apprehensive at first. We've been supporting ourselves for a while, so I kind of felt like a stray animal encountering a stranger! But after meeting Nick, I realized that the man behind the label is a genuinely great guy and that is going to be important for us to grow together. I couldn't be happier!


Tell us a little bit about the upcoming release, Unravel, what was the inspiration?
I really just have an extreme habit of over analyzing things in my head. It does drive me absolutely insane sometimes, however, it led to this record becoming what it is. Unravel is basically about deconstructing life on deeper levels in hopes of uncovering truth and discovering other perspectives, which I think is incredibly important to growing as a person.


What is next after the release? You guys going to hit the road?
Yes, actually! We actually have some dates in July and we're working on more for the fall as we speak! We get bored a lot so you can expect some videos and other entertainment very soon! Also, we have a full length record in the works as well!


What is your favorite part of being a musician in Cincinnati?
I think Cincinnati has a very diverse taste in music as a city, and I love that. I've lived in Cincinnati my entire life, and I always love seeing the bands from here, in all kinds of genres, doing great things. I remember seeing Foxy Shazam back in high school. I remember the first time I heard "Anna Sun" and smiled when I found out that Walk the Moon was from here. I'm just excited for the opportunity to step up and represent our home city in a new way!


Advice for your peers on how to get signed?
There are two things that have brought me to where I am today; integrity and drive. I do as much as I possibly can to help just about anybody on the road and I put everything I have into every show until I'm the last one in the parking lot. When people help me out, I do whatever it takes to show my appreciation and I feel that most of the time it all comes back around in the form of true respect and support. It may (and probably will) take quite a bit of time to get where you want, so just don't give up and keep yourself truly committed. 

Now go grab your bed sheet and dance along with the official lyric video for the single "Ghost of Yesterday!”