Grayscale Cincinnati. Music. Theater. Beer.

If you haven’t heard the Jackson Brewery is being redeveloped! Grayscale is headed by Scott Hand and Dominic Marino – two Cincinnati-area natives. Through Dominic’s music background and Scott’s architecture and acoustic background, we are moving into the Jackson Brewery building to start this entertainment complex. They are partnering with the building owner to restore/preserve the fantastic old structure and build out a multi-use facility within. The current plan has a 192-seat live theater space and a 300-person music venue. Both of these will share a backstage and performer support features. We are currently evaluating options to fill out the remainder of the first floor with a new craft brewery. All three of these elements will be tied together and share a central lobby with a bar/tasting room. 

This ain’t cheap folks. They need our help and yesterday kicked off a kickstarter campaign.  Why should you donate? Think of it as investing into your city.  The excitement of hearing a band in a really sweet space, the thrill of being part of the local arts community, and the camaraderie of being involved in one of the best neighborhood revitalization projects ever. They are crowd-funding this project because they want their lives to be this project, and to involve everyone. The funds from this will be going directly towards the redevelopment process - construction and equipment. There is a full business plan for operations and long-term development, but they need to open the doors first.

Not only will you feel as if you are a part of this project but they are offering many perks for donating as well. Go donate NOW