Get to know Download Artist of the week: Animal Circles!

Download "Life on the Banzai Pipeline" by Animal Circles HERE for free!

Give us the backstory on Animal Circles...
Formed in 2009, we (Zach Fox, our original bass player, and myself [Jeff Gowdy]) originally played a weird mix of Explosions in the Sky and Sonic Youth with 2 different lineups. The music was slightly alienating and we slowly shifted gears to a style of music that I’ve always been very fond of: Surfy/Southwesterny tones mixed with punk rock. 


What is your favorite part of being a musician in Cincinnati?
Favorite part about being a musician in Cincinnati would be all those great shows we used to have up in the Parlour of the original Southgate House. I could go into great detail about the scene and all that, but I feel our “scene” could stand to be a bit more tolerant, and open-minded to new bands, new sounds, and perhaps people that aren’t in the “circle” that unfortunately exists and restricts us at times. Sorry - long answer there ha!

What does the near future hold for Animal Circles?
As for the future, we are actually already planning our second album. We aren’t always prolific, but suddenly we managed to find ourselves with a lot of new ideas and material forming. So, in a perfect world, we will have our next album out in less than a year. We’ll see.

Our album release show is July 6th at the Northside Tavern with our buddies Thee Open Sex (Bloomington, IN) and a surprise visit from Druid Piss, which is the alter ego of a local cincy fave.