Free Download: Joe Dunlap

Get to know weekly download artist Joe Dunlap! You can download "Love to be learned" for free HERE

What inspired the song, "Love to be Learned"?
The inspiration for the song "Love To Be Learned" came primarily from the time that I've spent at an incredible food pantry / coffee shop / music ministry called Joe's Java. The relationships that I've developed with the community there have taught me so much about humility and grace. I consider this song to be a statement of my desire to learn and grow as a person. "Love To Be Learned" is a song from my record titled "Protos Credo."

Give us some background on yourself...
I am a songwriter and audio engineer / producer based out of Cincinnati, OH. My ultimate goal in writing music is to have a real impact on others. I believe that music is something that can inspire people to dream big. Music is something that ignites friendships and strengthens community. I'm fascinated with how small decisions can lead to huge life changing events. At A young age, I made a decision to learn to play drums. This seemingly small decision has led me to countless friendships and is ultimately how I met my wife.  

What is your favorite thing about being a musician in Cincinnati?
Cincinnati has such an exciting music scene to be a part of right now. There is a sense of purpose here that is a powerful feeling to feel as a writer. I am just so fortunate to be a small part of such a dense community of creativity.