Fans Hit The Jackpot at Ke$ha Concert

KP Photography

Fans as young as five flocked to Horseshoe Casino to parade their costumes in honor of Ke$ha.  Lookalikes dressed in all colors of the rainbow, sporting American flags, feathers, torn stockings, tutus, wigs, and one alligator suit.  Many showered in glitter and warrior paint to “ke$hafy” their bodies.  In attempts to rid himself of banned liquid before entering the venue, one fan did not waste a pinch of his gold glitter, spraying strangers, including an event worker before entering the much anticipated show.  They were about to experience something spectacular!

Surrounded by six, shirtless, snake-like warriors wearing gold masks and swinging swords, Ke$ha emerged atop pillars of white smoke in a shiny, purple leotard, pink and purple laurel wreath, and black knee high boots to begin her first song, Warrior.  “This is our time,” the greek goddess announced.  “Stand up for true love.  Stay young,” The cirque du soleil of glittery leotards, monkey bars, shaving cream, cross dressing, eyeballs, giant hair, and lots of dirty dancing made attendees feel as if they were in a Flaming Lips music video.  The crowd did not “let the party stop,” dancing like a pounding “heart beat to the beat of the drums.”  Ke$ha commanded the crowd, “Cincinnati, be yourself – always,” Her warrior dancers transformed into marching soldiers, as she pushed them down on stage while singing We R Who We R, Blow, and Dirty Love, and looked “sick and sexyfied” when she rocked her guitar.

In the midst of all of the glitter and beats, Ke$ha reached out and connected with her fans.  “I love that jacket.  Can I see it?” Ke$ha took a shiny, black vest with ivory buttons from a fan in the audience.  “Can I keep it?” She asked the birthday boy.  “Happy birthday, Landon,” she exclaimed and the crowd followed. 

Just like any circus, Ke$ha ended with a grand finale.  She drove out, onto stage in a pink corvette power wheel.  “Get silly with me,” she told her fans and silly, she did get.  A pair of elephant-sized legs and a hippo flew up from the floor.  Ke$ha sang Your Love is My Drug while a confetti canyon exploded across the stage, and flags danced in circles behind her.  “I want to hear each and every one of you loud as f$#@!” she demanded, and the captivating madness continued with Tik Tok, when the crowd’s “love” became the crowd’s “drug.” Not caring “what people say, the rush” of energy provoked a fan to gift Ke$ha with a blown up whale, when it was slung on stage, at her feet.  Ke$ha’s dance team morphed into giant stuffed animals: a beaver, bunny, chicken, and tiger.  The brilliant, energetic chaos, unfortunately, came to an end with the last song, Die Young, and gratitude was given to fans, “Thank you.  Will you please make some noise for my band and dancers,” as tiny pieces of glitter rained down from the sky. 

Once the show had come to an end, fans exited just as quickly as they entered, heading to the casino.  Mobs of glittered bodies held their wrists simultaneously in the air, exposing their yellow bands in air, granting them admission to the casino.  Fans each came for the music.  They each got lucky, making “the most of the night like” they “we’re going to die young,” with one of the greatest shows on earth.

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