Tracy Walker CD Release at the Art of Entertaining tonight!

Although she has been voraciously performing live,  Tracy Walker has taken a hiatus from recording. But she is back with a new CD, Coetaneous Vibrations revealing the intricate sounds and structures of newly produced songs. In celebration of this event Tracy will be holding a CD release party at the Art of Entertaining in O’Bryonville. A $30 prepaid ticket will get you a "Vine & Dine" styled night filled with wine and beer, delicious hors d’oeuvres and unforgettable music performed live by Tracy Walker. Seating is limited so be sure to reserve your tickets NOW!


Tracy will also have Cd's and various merchandise for sale. Bring your open senses ready to enjoy a night filled with unforgettable memories. recently talked to Tracy about the inspiration behind her newest project, The Cincinnati Music Scene and where she will be folking out next!


What was the inspiration for your latest CD, Coetaneous Vibrations? What does it mean to you?

Coetaneous essentially means simultaneous. So it is about things happening at the same time. The performance of the musicians and well as there being a lot happening in my life too. It is a mixture of old and new songs and a couple of covers. Producer Erwin Musper heard both old and new material and wanted to reproduce some of the older stuff to bring it life in a new way and more fully. There were a lot of things going on in my life at the time, professionally and personally, as well as many choices that needed to be made about the album. It ended up being something different from where it started creatively. Making those choices along the way was sometimes difficult however the end result is something we, myself and band members, are really happy with. Its getting attention from some radio already.


What do you want or expect your fans to take away from this project? Your music in general? 

I want them to feel something. There is a lot of feeling, personal energy and time put into a recording, by me as well as the other musicians. And unlike in a live performance, there is no reciprocal exchange with an audience. That feedback, emotional or otherwise comes much later. People get different things from songs and that can change over time. I listen to some of my own older songs and find new meaning even in things I wrote.


What's your favorite venue to go see a show? To play?

I don’t have one favorite place. It really depends on the performance. Some are better outside some better inside in a really quiet space. Non-smoking whether listening or performing is really important.



What's one thing our audience can do to engage in and help build up the Cincinnati Music Scene?

Get out there are support the live performance! Support artists you like and those you don’t - venues too. We get better at what we do and are able to share by being out there doing it. The venues that include live music as part of their environment need to be supported too. Be willing to pay for what you are getting – whether live music, recorded or other forms. Musicians, artists in general, put a lot of time and work into not only the art that you experience but all the other hats that one must wear to get it done – booking, record keeping, etc., just like any other business.


Where can fans go to purchase your music?

Directly from my website Also, iTunes, etc... live shows, local record stores.


Upcoming show dates?

Friday May 3 – Front Porch Café, New Richmond

Saturday May 4 – Flying Pig Marathon Festivities, Moerlein Lagerhouse Lawn

Friday May 10 – MVP Bar & Grill, Silverton, 9pm

Saturday May 11 – Harmony Hills Vineyard, Bethel, OH 5-9pm



What: Tracy Walker CD Release party!

Where: The Art of Entertaining

When: 6p -9p

How: For reservations for the CD Release tonight, please contact The Art of Entertaining, (513) 871-5170 or






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