Siblings Taylor Alexander & Mia Carruthers Today at FB’s!

Former MTV’s “Taking the Stage” star, Mia Carruthers and brother Taylor Alexander will be showcasing their singing/songwriting collaboratively as well playing tunes individually.

Both artists are also playing Bunbury Music Festival this summer! Taylor Alexander is an eccentric blues rocker with smooth vocal delivery and thoughtful lyrics. Releasing his debut self-titled EP in 2012, Taylor Alexander is currently back in the studio working on his second release ART LP due out this summer. sat down with Taylor Alexander recently to talk in anticipation of the Derby Day show as well as the Bunbury Music Festival.

What's your first musical memory?

My first musical memory, well there are two that come to mind. The first being my dad playing acoustic guitar and singing on a small PA in our unfinished basement. Secondly I remember going through my parents CD collection and listening to every one all the way through, lying on the floor with headphones. Beatles Anthology, Annie Lennox, Dan Fogelberg, James Taylor (Whom I'm named after) UB40, Del Amitri, Hootie & The Blowfish, Janet Jackson, Alanis Morrisette, Elton John, Billy Joel.... quite an eclectic mix. Which makes its way through in my music, I think as well as my personal musical taste.

Do you write a lot? Where do you find your inspiration? Do you schedule time or just write when the feeling hits you?

I only write when it hits me. Songwriting to me comes in waves. I've written 5 songs in a week and gone 7 months without writing anything. I believe in living my life and writing about the things that emotionally challenge me most. Some songs are about myself some are about others, some about fictional characters in a fictional scene sharing my emotion. I do try to spend a little bit of time each day 15 minutes at least doing something musical. Often ideas come from that time spent. 

How did you get involved in the Cincinnati Music Scene?

I began playing out in Cincinnati when I moved back from home from school. I played some small gigs on the west side at the old "Blue Note" on W 8th. I played there first, solo much like I'm doing now. After that I played guitar in a band with my sister "Mia Carruthers and the Retros" and we played all over. I have always been doing solo gigs on the side, since my first release Taylor Alexander EP last year.


What's your favorite venue to play? Favorite to see a show? 

I really loved the old Southgate House. Played some fun shows there. I'm a fan of the Revival for sure. But I still miss the old ballroom and parlor. My favorite place to play solo is easily The Rookwood patio in Mt Adams, (I will be there June 6) the view is stunning and they always take good care of me there.


What's one thing our audience can do to help build up the Cincinnati Music Scene?

Support! Come out to local shows, come to my shows <laughs>. Check out new venues like 1207 Main, 1215 in OTR has live music a couple nights a week. There is a singer/songwriter scene here, Cincinnati as a whole is growing rapidly and I'm excited to be a part of it.


What is next for Taylor Alexander?

Lots! Where did the blue go?! I am playing some shows with Mia leading up to our performances at Bunbury this summer. May 4th FB's being the soonest. Also I am currently working on my second release ART LP which will be completed and out this summer. Keep an eye (and ear) out!


Make sure to come check out Taylor Alexander and Mia Carruthers Today at FB’s and in July at Bunbury Music Festival!

Taylor Alexander and Mia Carruthers

Taylor Alexander
Bunbury Music Festival
Saturday July 13th
Cincinnatus Stage

Mia Carruthers
Bunbury Music Festival
Sunday July 14th
Lawn Stage


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