Louisville band, CABIN does things differently.

CABIN, unlike Arrested Development, will release a new installment each week. They started on May 20th, releasing one song each Monday for the next six weeks.  There will be a few more songs coming throughout the summer culminating in an 8 to 10 song LP which will be pressed on Vinyl later this year.  You will find these tracks for purchase exclusively on their website.

There is something alive in the music of CABIN. Each song wells up to give the listener an immediate burst of emotion, sometimes vast yet always unique. It’s this sense of adventure and escapism that drives the landscape of their music. Drawing upon influences like Radiohead and The Shins, CABIN’s songs evolve and surprise while often unearthing strange sounds. Applying their deep-rooted impressions from classical music, CABIN uses imagination and composition to tell a story, making every song an attempt at invention and discovery. 

Second only to writing and creating new music, CABIN cites the opportunity to travel and share their music with others as their reason for existing. Through bloggers and word of mouth, CABIN has earned fans world wide, performing in seven European countries to date and sharing the stage with acclaimed musicians such as OKGO, Spoon, and members of My Morning Jacket. 

SPIN Magazine noted the song “I Was Here” as ‘must hear’ song in 2009 and singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens labeled CABIN as “a band you need to check out”. 

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CABIN w/ Us, Today and Pop Empire
The Comet
Friday May 31st